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Quebec Quarter Horse Association is an affiliate of the American Quarter Horse Association.  Our goal is to promote the American Quarter Horse through education, events & shows in the Province of Quebec.

Quebec Quarter Horse Association has more than 50 years of existence; it regroup over 300 members. They proudly represent our association in different shows all the way from Quebec to the States and Ontario. Its goal is to promote the quarter horse and the principle way of doing that is by organizing horse shows where each exhibitor can bring their best during 8 days of showing separated in 2 circuits.

  • President Circuit, held in July in Becancour. 

  • Fleur de Lys Circuit, held in June in Sorel-Tracy

Our vision:  

A viable and dynamic Quarter Horse industry in the province of Quebec 

Our mission:

To support the growth and development of the Quebec Quarter Horse industry 



  • To act as the official liaison between AQHA and Quebec Quarter Horse industry 

  • To generate growth in the QQHA membership through the marketing, promotion, advertising and publicity of the events and activities of Quebec Quarter Horse industry 

  • To provide diverse education programs/events, as well as networking opportunities, to quarter horse enthusiasts 

  • To ensure that the Quarter Horse is treated humanely and with dignity, respect, and compassion at all times 

  • To encourage activities which promote the interests of equestrian business owners and of recreational riders 

  • To collaborate with other equine organizations to achieve shared goals and ideals 

 AQHA international mission statement

  • To expand awareness of American Quarter Horses worldwide and to comply with

  and develop rules and procedures to assist the International Affiliates of AQHA
  in this endeavor

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